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Planning Home Additions: 3 Design Considerations for a Master Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom additions, homeowners tend to think about adding a guest room. What you might want to consider though is that you can easily have a master bedroom added and convert the old master bedroom into your new guest room. If you are intrigued by the idea of having a new master bedroom in your home, here are a few design considerations you may want to discuss with experienced contractors like Valley Home Improvement:

Outdoor Access for Bedrooms

If you have a single floor home, you may want to think about including outdoor access into the design. Master bedroom doors that lead to a backyard patio are becoming a popular design choice, especially for homeowners who have vibrant gardens. Such a design is fantastic for some light reading with a fresh cup of coffee in spring and autumn.

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#KitchenRemodeler Discusses the Elements of a State-of-the-Art Kitchen

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Best of Both Worlds: The Perks of Having Conservatory-Style Sunrooms

When deciding to extend their homes, most people will often decide between a conservatory and a sunroom. Why choose either one, when you can have both?

The key difference between a conservatory and a sunroom is that the conservatory has a glass roof while the sunroom has a solid roof. Since a conservatory-style sunroom has a see-through roof, they can be the perfect option for contemporary homes. Now that you know you can have the best of both worlds, here are just a few of the advantages you may get to enjoy by choosing a conservatory-style sunroom for your home.

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Addressing Natural Air Movement Issues in Sunrooms with Ventilation

A sunroom is a great way to bring the outdoors into your home, giving you a spectacular view of the outside while allowing you to stay warm and comfy within the confines of your home. Since sunrooms are typically made of an all-glass enclosure, this can make temperature retention a bit of a challenge, which is why ventilation is a critical aspect for this particular home addition. You can use one or more of the ventilation options listed below to enhance your enjoyment of your sunroom.

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Building Compartmentalized Baths With Help from a Bathroom Remodeler

Bathroom design has certainly come a long way, evolving from the classic white-tiled spaces of the past to the personalized retreats and relaxing at-home spas of today. Just as luxury is important, efficiency is also key to a good bathroom design, and that’s why compartmentalized bathrooms are fast becoming all the rage in bathroom remodeling.

Giving Importance to Privacy

A compartmentalized bathroom allows multiple family members to share the use of one bathroom, providing users with the necessary privacy to complete their tasks without intruding into each other’s spaces. Similar to the standard kitchen triangle design, it is very much possible to create zones within bathrooms.

Enhancing Function

A compartmentalized bathroom layout can focus on creating a separate zone for the toilet, shower, or bathtub. For better privacy, it can be a good idea to start the partition with the toilet. Compartmentalizing can be done without the introduction of walls, and all it takes is to think of a solution that considers point of use, the space around each fixture, and using these elements to enhance both privacy and ease of access.

Ideal Bathroom Elements and Fixtures to Use

Bathroom remodelers can choose from three basic toilet configurations to enhance bathroom efficiency: an elongated bowl, a wall-mounted toilet, and a type of toilet that has a minimum 10-inch rough-in off the back wall. Regardless of the choice, ventilation and point-of-use storage must be optimized and never compromised. The minimum ventilation requirement for toilets is either a 3-sq. feet window or an exhaust fan with a 50-cfm minimum rating.

A toilet enclosure requires accounting for storage spaces for frequently used items, such as tissue paper. The designer can decide on an open or closed storage option, and even build it into a recessed wall cavity to maximize enclosure space.


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Four Sunroom Flooring Recommendations

Planning to add a sunroom to your home? When it comes to your sunroom’s flooring, know that you have a handful of options. Sunrooms are usually huge investments, so it’s no surprise that choosing the perfect flooring for your needs requires some careful consideration. The flooring you go with will ultimately depend on your personal preference, sunroom design and budget. Take look at some of your best options and their limitations:

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Four Tips for Sunroom Construction Success

Sunrooms, when planned and budgeted for properly, can enhance your home in more ways than one—aside from improving your property’s look and functionality, adding a sunroom can also enhance its curb appeal. If you’re looking to add a sunroom to your home, here are some useful tips to help ensure home improvement success.

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