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#KitchenRemodeler Discusses the Elements of a State-of-the-Art Kitchen

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Home Additions: Is Your Home a Good Fit for a Second Story Addition?

As your family continues to grow, you might realize that adding a second level to your home can double your living space and increase its overall value. Home additions and similar major construction projects, however, usually require permits and must meet certain requirements before being started. To ensure that you’re on the proper side of the law and on the right path to improving your home, here are some pointers for you to keep in mind:

Compare Your Home to Other Properties in the Neighborhood

To know whether or not a second floor addition is a good idea, start by observing the properties in your neighborhood. Do other homes in your community have second floors or are they all single-story houses? Ensure that your home embraces the neighborhood and does not negatively impact the visual appeal of the community. This means that if two-story homes will awkwardly standout in your neighborhood, then your plan to build up may not be a smart move.

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Best of Both Worlds: The Perks of Having Conservatory-Style Sunrooms

When deciding to extend their homes, most people will often decide between a conservatory and a sunroom. Why choose either one, when you can have both?

The key difference between a conservatory and a sunroom is that the conservatory has a glass roof while the sunroom has a solid roof. Since a conservatory-style sunroom has a see-through roof, they can be the perfect option for contemporary homes. Now that you know you can have the best of both worlds, here are just a few of the advantages you may get to enjoy by choosing a conservatory-style sunroom for your home.

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Tips from a Kitchen Remodeler: Seamless Kitchen Banquette Integration

Do you prefer to cozy up in a banquette whenever you eat out in a restaurant? Why not have one in your own kitchen? On your next kitchen remodel, create the same comfortable restaurant seating you enjoy by having a banquette built into a corner or bay window.

Since banquettes are often located at the room’s periphery, they don’t take up significant space where people work or pass by while providing a seating capacity for six or seven people at the dining table. If you can imagine this much convenience in your kitchen, here’s how you achieve a unified and functional theme with your banquette remodel.

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Bathroom Remodelers Make Clean, Open, and Spa-Inspired Modern Baths

Whether you want to add to your home’s value before selling it or improve the interior for your own satisfaction, having a more spacious bathroom is always a plus. It pays to know what’s hot and what’s not when renovating, and today, luxury bathrooms take great inspiration from European and open concepts.

Noticeably, modern bathrooms are made to evoke spa-style luxury. Check out these design ideas to improve the look of your bath and make the space your own personal spa.

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