Kitchen Remodelers Make Dark Colors Work in a Contemporary Kitchen

Many find it difficult to make designs with dark colors work for their kitchens. With help from a talented kitchen remodeler, using deep, rich hues such as medium brown to black can be easy and can create an incredible, stunning effect. Some think that dark colors are difficult to work with, but when used creatively, they can give your kitchen character and show its glamorous features. To make it easier to use dark hues in the kitchen, remodelers use the following design principles.

Avoiding Cold Colors to Create a Cozy Space

Dark colors such as navy or gray are often associated with giving your kitchen a cold feeling. It’s best to stay away from these “cold” colors and use warmer darks instead, such as purple. Dark colors with a hint of red give off a warmer feel compared to dark colors that veer more toward blue. For purple to effectively give your kitchen a sense of warmth, you can combine it with a wooden sideboard or a copper backsplash.

Combining Bold and Dark Colors for a Fresh Feel

Splashes of bright colors in a kitchen design that utilizes dark colors can give off a fresh and breezy feel. A large, bold print, some bar stools in vibrant hues, and colorful accessories are just some of the ways designers successfully combine dark and bold colors. One great way of using bold and dark colors together is adding dark, elegant cabinets into an almost all-white kitchen. The trick to making this combination work is to have ample natural and artificial lighting.

Creating Balance Using Contrasting Hues

To avoid making the space look and feel heavy as you use dark colors, your remodeler can use contrasting hues. When you have a single wall and a floor that are in a rich, dark color, the most ideal way to balance the design is to have the ceiling and the other walls in white. If you decide on dark cabinets, you can balance the design by having lightened countertop, flooring, and wall color and a light backsplash.

Using Dark Colors, Warm Metals, and Luxury Finishes

Your kitchen can have a sophisticated look by using warm metals and luxury finishes such as parquet flooring and marble. When you have dark cabinets, a dark base for the island, and dark seats, warm metals for the backsplashes, and copper or brass fittings can make your kitchen look glamorous.


10 Ways to Go Dark in a Contemporary Kitchen,


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