Bathroom Remodeler Lists 4 Things You Need in an Asian-Style Bathroom

When a bathroom is described as “Asian-style,” the words Zen, serene, and tranquil come to mind. Although the Far Eastern aesthetic has become a fusion of styles over the years, there are some key elements that you would only see in this design. These are the unique touches and decor that help create that balanced, soothing quality that Asian-style bathrooms are known for:

A Calming Color Palette

Serene tones like ivory white, warm neutrals, and breezy blues or greens are always seen in these sanctuary-like spaces, exuding a welcoming feel. These attractive hues are complemented with a minimalist approach to decorations for an uncluttered, visually pleasing look. Furnishings with clean lines and solid colors, such as plain vanities, tiled floors, or boxed shelves for storage, with a few accents like moody pendant lights are ordinarily used. Colors like black and dark brown can also be used to add drama and harmonize with dominantly white porcelain fixtures and floors.

Nature-Themed Wallpapers

One simple way that a professional bathroom remodeler can add visual interest to Asian-themed bathrooms is by designing with interesting wallpapers. The patterns vary from tropical leaves, oriental flowers like cherry blossoms or orchids, and bamboo shoots to elaborate Japanese characters and koi, which represent love, friendship, and wealth, among other things. The prints can either be in subtle pastel hues or striking metallic shades to give the walls some flair.

A Large Mirror

No matter how big or small the bathroom is, a large mirror is a must for Asian-style baths. It can be positioned where it reflects the patterns on your wall or shower screens. Round mirrors with intricate frames make a great statement piece—and it’s also worth mentioning that circles are commonly seen in Japanese interiors, since the shape represents enlightenment and elegance. Alternatively, if you’ve settled on a plain, broad mirror, you can install other elements like a customized shower screen, which you can digitally print with an East Asian motif.


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