Taking a Closer Look at Electrical Wirings with a Bathroom Remodeler

The technical aspects of a home renovation calls for equal consideration as your aesthetic preferences. Bathroom remodels, in particular, require attention on the electrical wirings, since any oversight or mistake can be dangerous for you and your property.

Here are a few concerns you may discuss with your bathroom remodeler:

Overhauling Old 15-Amp Wirings

15-amp breakers with 14-gauge wirings are usually dedicated for lighting circuits or individual items that require less than 15 amperes to operate. In some cases, the appliances and electronic devices that homeowners install in bathrooms have higher power requirements, which means a more efficient circuit and wiring system would be suitable for modern bathrooms.

To mitigate fire hazards, your remodeler must check your existing wiring system and replace any or all parts of the circuit if needed. Simply upgrading to 20-amp circuits can already make a huge difference in terms of avoiding an overload if you have a lot of electricity-run fixtures and other bathroom features. If your bathroom renovations include major appliances like hot tubs and spas, which may require 30 to 60-amp systems, more complex upgrades may be needed.

Strategically Planning the Fixtures and Outlets

If there will be a total redesign of the bathroom, your contractor will ensure that all power and water lines are properly laid out. The lighting fixtures, power outlets, electric circuits, and plumbing lines will be mapped out in such a way that electric circuit overloads and leaks are avoided. There’s also the consideration to place outlets near sinks (where tools like blow dryers are usually plugged) and designated wall corners where sconces or lamps may be placed.

Professional remodelers will ensure proper circuitry distribution by considering your desired design, calculating the electric circuits your bathroom needs, and modifying the layouts or designs as needed (with your approval, of course). They will also determine the appropriate breakers, wiring gauges, and other parts of the circuit to be used in the made-over bathroom.

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