Remodeling Tips: Three Ways to Avoid Costly Mistakes in Home Additions

Home additions are one of the most expensive home improvement projects to undertake, so you’d want yours to provide the luxury you desire and be worth the money. Builders know that additions to the home, such as sunrooms, decks, or an upper story, will all rely and put stress on the existing house foundation, so they consider all elements involved in the home improvement project and advise accordingly. Any oversights in the process from early planning right up until the final decorative touches are applied can cause delays to the project and inflate the budget. The following are some basic yet essential considerations that can help in avoiding costly mistakes in a home addition project.

Having a Proper Plan Before Starting the Project

You may have a concept of what the additional space or story will look like and what features it will have, but a trusted contractor will tell you that a plan requires more than that. A plan is carefully crafted by the designer and details all the elements necessary to make the new space what you want it to be in addition to being compliant with local building codes. These elements include the plumbing, heating, AC, and wirings, among others.

A good set of plans allows your builder to give you an estimate of how much the addition project will cost, including estimates on the materials and on the labor.

Providing a Breathing Room for Project Expenses

Sometimes, you come up with another idea for an additional feature after the project has already started. Under those circumstances, you have to be prepared to cover additional materials, and labor when you have special requests beyond the scope of the original plan. Additionally, your contractor is likely to explain that there is a possibility for problems to reveal themselves once the project gets underway, simply because not everything is visible during the planning phase. It’s reasonable to expect have to cover any additional materials and expense under either of these circumstances. So it’s wise to leave some breathing room in the budget to accommodate surprises and unforeseen desires. Who knows, in some cases your budget may actually decrease! Either way you’ll be on your way to having your vision become a reality.

DIY Home Additions

A construction company has a team of experienced, skilled, and certified builders and designers, so even thinking that you can do home additions all by yourself is not a good idea at all. The task of constructing a new room may seem easy, but it’s not, and it takes experts to make sure the additions are built according to plan. The electrical wiring, insulation, and heating and AC, are among the tasks that only professionals should do. Doing construction by yourself is usually a  mistake that will likely cost you more in the long run.


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Steve Silverman is Cape Cod native with a BA in psychology from Bates College. He moved to the Pioneer Valley in 2004 and became a VP with VHI a year later, then bought the 20 employee company in 2013. He and his wife and two teenagers have a farm in Southampton where he spends time growing food and learning new ways to live in harmony with the land.

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