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Remodeling Tips: Three Ways to Avoid Costly Mistakes in Home Additions

Home additions are one of the most expensive home improvement projects to undertake, so you’d want yours to provide the luxury you desire and be worth the money. Builders know that additions to the home, such as sunrooms, decks, or an upper story, will all rely and put stress on the existing house foundation, so they consider all elements involved in the home improvement project and advise accordingly. Any oversights in the process from early planning right up until the final decorative touches are applied can cause delays to the project and inflate the budget. The following are some basic yet essential considerations that can help in avoiding costly mistakes in a home addition project.

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Three Important Elements for Creating Bright and Comfortable Sunrooms

A sunroom lets you experience the outdoors while comfortably nestled indoors. From a cozy space, you can relax and enjoy the sun and the greenery through the sunroof and floor to ceiling windows. In winter, the sunroom becomes a relaxing retreat where you can bask in the sun despite the cold weather. In summer, you can spend hours on end in the sunroom to hang out with your family without worrying about summers becoming too warm–you can simply turn on the AC to make sure the room is cool and refreshing enough.


To build a sunroom that allows you to experience these simple pleasures, you should consider the following elements that make sunrooms comfortable and very relaxing.


Controlled Temperature


Like the other rooms in your home, it’s best to install air conditioning and heaters so that you can control the temperature in the sunroom. The sunroom can be the best hang out during dreary winters simply by having the right lighting and turning on the heaters to warm up the room. You can also enjoy the outdoor greenery in summer without having to deal with the unbearable heat by turning on the AC.


Comfortable Seating


With an abundance of natural light coming in and an expansive view of the outdoors, sunrooms are one of the best places to relax. Why not add comfortable seats and daybeds to make your stay in the sunroom much more relaxing? Chairs and other furniture made with natural materials like rattan and wicker are common in sunrooms. With the addition of upholstered seating, And plush throw pillows, you can have all the comfort that you could ever want from these types of furniture. Daybeds are also a great addition to the sunroom, especially if you enjoy taking afternoon naps.




Installing window treatments is a good way to keep the lighting just right especially if it gets too sunny. You also have a variety of options when you want a little privacy in your sunroom—you can install curtains, shades, or blinds.

Choosing a Countertop Edge Profile with Help from a Kitchen Remodeler

There are various elements to be considered when remodeling your kitchen. Deciding on the layout, determining the most ideal storage options like cabinets and drawers, and choosing the material for the countertops are all important when doing a remodel. Another element that affects the function and overall look of your kitchen is your kitchen countertop edge profile. This detail may seem unimportant to some, but the type of edge profile used determines whether the countertop is subtle or grabs the most attention in the space. A skilled kitchen remodeler will help you choose the edge profile that’s well-suited for your newly designed kitchen.

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How Your Bathroom Remodeler Can Add More Storage Space to Your Bath

When remodeling a bathroom, many focus on the fixtures, amenities and materials they want. In order to have a stylish and comfortable space, you may want a marble or granite countertop that looks grand, a hot tub that gives off a luxurious feel, and a walk-in closet to provide convenience. To have the finest bathroom, the focus should be on having one that perfectly combines aesthetics with functionality. Doing a bathroom remodel that also prioritizes adding storage space will definitely give you the perfect bathroom.

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