Maximizing Small House Spaces with Home Additions

If you own a small house, then you know that space can be quite an issue. That is why it is important to make good with the space that you have. If possible, you can creatively add an addition to enhance your space even further. You can also consider adding a second floor to your home, which comes with many benefits (but also some major considerations beforehand.)

How can a small sized house maximize its space?

One thing that a small house can do to maximize the space inside is to create specific zones or areas for various purposes. Consider having a space for just reading, and perhaps a small area where the kids can play at. Another thing that is quite ideal is to have furniture that serves dual purposes, such as a stool that also serves as a cabinet for storage.

What can be added to a small-sized house to get more space?

If you are looking to find ways to add more space to your home, there are a variety of additions that can maximize what you have. For example, consider installing shelves that extend from the floor to the ceiling, and also use opaque glass in areas that do not have a lot of natural light to create the illusion of space. You can also venture outdoors and extend your outdoor living space, if at all possible.

How viable is a second story for a small house?

A second is story is another option to take, and is quite viable for most houses. However, you do need to consider if your foundation can hold the second story, and if there is room for a new staircase.

Are there other ways that can improve the features of a small house?

Another option is to have dual purpose rooms, or to create an open floor plan. Hiring a contractor can help you make the most of your new addition, allowing you to truly take advantage of any additions you add to your home.
11 Ways to Maximize a Small Space.

 moving on up- addsing second story to your house.

 31 Tiny House Hacks To Maximize Your Space.


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