Kitchen Design Experts Share Ways to Create an Industrial Loft Look

Have you dreamed of an open-plan kitchen with an industrial loft look? Achieving a sleek warehouse look can be effortless. The key to this sort of kitchen design is to carefully juxtapose the various elements to achieve a beautiful balance of textures and materials. These are five essential tips to plan and design your kitchen to achieve that modern industrial.


Whether using distressed wood finishes, repurposed wood or large elements of rich woods such as oak, maple or Brazilian hardwood. Whether a polished maple sideboard, distressed Brazilian hardwood floors or a distressed farm table, accessorizing with metal knobs, countertops, lighting and kitchen accessories will give your kitchen a steely warm feeling. Best yet, mixing a variety of wood will continue to achieve an industrial look. Seek help from a kitchen design expert in Northampton, like those from Valley Home Improvement, to help you narrow down your choices.


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Steve Silverman is Cape Cod native with a BA in psychology from Bates College. He moved to the Pioneer Valley in 2004 and became a VP with VHI a year later, then bought the 20 employee company in 2013. He and his wife and two teenagers have a farm in Southampton where he spends time growing food and learning new ways to live in harmony with the land.

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