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Kitchen Design Experts Share Ways to Create an Industrial Loft Look

Have you dreamed of an open-plan kitchen with an industrial loft look? Achieving a sleek warehouse look can be effortless. The key to this sort of kitchen design is to carefully juxtapose the various elements to achieve a beautiful balance of textures and materials. These are five essential tips to plan and design your kitchen to achieve that modern industrial.


Whether using distressed wood finishes, repurposed wood or large elements of rich woods such as oak, maple or Brazilian hardwood. Whether a polished maple sideboard, distressed Brazilian hardwood floors or a distressed farm table, accessorizing with metal knobs, countertops, lighting and kitchen accessories will give your kitchen a steely warm feeling. Best yet, mixing a variety of wood will continue to achieve an industrial look. Seek help from a kitchen design expert in Northampton, like those from Valley Home Improvement, to help you narrow down your choices.


Kitchen Designers Share Tips on Designing Chic yet Functional Kitchens

If you are like most homeowners who are dreaming of remodeling their kitchens, you may be most interested in improving the décor of your space. For example, you may be replacing old, worn out cabinets with designer cabinets, and you may be exchanging laminate counters for an upgraded material like granite. While improving the décor of your kitchen may be at the top of your list of things to accomplish with your remodeling project, this is also an opportunity for you to make your kitchen space not only stylish, but also more functional.

Storage Space

There are few things that can interfere with the functionality of your kitchen more easily, among them is having a limited storage space. Remodeling the kitchen gives you a wonderful opportunity to add more cabinet and pantry space. You can try building a larger island with storage underneath, add taller or deeper cabinets or redesign the cabinets so that they have organizational features that enable you to maximize storage space.

Getting the Flawless Results You Want From Your Remodeling Project

When you are thinking about completing a home improvement project, one of the first decisions you need to make relates to whether you want to hire a general contractor to assist you or you want to complete the work on your own. While there is a cost associated with using professional remodeling service, there are considerable benefits associated with this as well. Your contractor will have the skills, equipment and insight necessary to help you get the flawless results you desire, including when working with high-end materials.

The Right Tools and Equipment for the Projects

Whether your home improvement project includes tearing down walls, re-roofing the home, installing new counters or completing other types of work, there likely are specialized tools and equipment that skilled professionals use to create impressive results. In order to create immaculate, flawless results, you will need to have experience and knowledge of these items.

Reward Yourself and Follow these Expert Bathroom Remodel Design Tips

Think big when it’s time to redo your bathroom. There’s no reason that you private space can’t be as beautiful, conformable and luxurious as a spa or resort. Consider both the beauty and function of the space during the design phase and you’ll get a finished product so beautiful you’ll actually want to show it off.

Think Storage

You want to have your beauty products and personal essentials within easy reach, but seeing them every time you walk into the room detracts from the design. Plan to install as many cabinets and cupboard as it takes to stash your stuff out of sight. This makes for a nicer appearance and easier cleaning.

Upgrading Your Kitchen Design? Choose a Corner Kitchen Cabinet Style

Nowadays, a kitchen is more than a place to cook. This is where families gather to spend time together, do homework, create craft projects, and entertain friends and family. A great kitchen design is one that accommodates all the activities the family wants to do in this important living space. To achieve this objective, certain elements and features are utilized, and among these are kitchen corner cabinets.
Kitchen corner cabinets are a great way to optimize the area, while offering much-needed storage space. They can be customized by noted kitchen remodelers, such as Valley Home Improvement, Inc., to match the needs and preferences of the homeowners. All homeowners need is to do a bit of research to determine which cabinet style will go best with their new kitchen.

Kitchen Designers Can Help Make Your Kitchen Open, Warm, and Inviting

Remodeling your kitchen is a fantastic way to not only update your living space but also add value to your home. The kitchens is one of the first places new buyers go to assess not only space, but also the openness and comfort of a property. In addition, the kitchen has embedded itself in culture as the center of the family, and creating a warm, inviting environment to prepare the family meal and share the day’s experiences is important in today’s busy lifestyle.

The Right People

Finding the right kitchen designers to work with is crucial. You’ll want someone with innovative ideas who can work with you to design a kitchen that will suit your needs. Do you like to entertain guests and need an open area where you can share conversation with your visitors as you prepare meals?