Northampton Kitchen Design Ideas: 4 Ways to Liven Up Your Cabinets

Today’s modern kitchens usually feature stainless steel appliances, sparse interiors, and plain-colored cabinets. Simple, bright and airy—these qualities are the main goals of modern kitchen design. Although these rooms do have aesthetic appeal, they can seem a bit dull. Oftentimes, an eye-catching cabinet color and design is all that’s needed to liven up your kitchen a bit.

Pastel colors, mixing up cabinet finishes, and fresh lighting choices are a few of the many Northampton kitchen design possibilities you can opt for. Check out the different ideas below and see what grabs your attention. If it catches your eye, it’s easy to imagine what it would look like in your kitchen.


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Steve Silverman is Cape Cod native with a BA in psychology from Bates College. He moved to the Pioneer Valley in 2004 and became a VP with VHI a year later, then bought the 20 employee company in 2013. He and his wife and two teenagers have a farm in Southampton where he spends time growing food and learning new ways to live in harmony with the land.

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