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Northampton Home Improvement: 3 Bathroom Trends to Consider in 2015

Perhaps a spa theme would be the most generally preferable design that users of the same bathroom can agree on. Who wouldn’t want to start each day and end each night in a luxurious, relaxing retreat? Ideally, the bathroom would be spacious and accommodate the needs and unwinding penchants of its users, such as rainfall showers with automated temperature settings, soaking tubs, heated floors or towel racks, or even saunas.

Aside from these considerations, you should plan for designated storage spaces and any preferences for privacy. You can incorporate separate drawers, vanities, and dressing rooms into the master bath’s design to allot sufficient space for each user. You can even install a closed toilet room and enclosures for your shower and/or tub to enhance each person’s privacy.


Upscale Northampton Bathroom Design Ideas for the Happily Singles

A real estate company survey revealed that 75 percent of single men and women would prefer to own a home rather than rent. They also see home ownership as a good form of investment, which they believe will bear fruit in their later years. While these aspiring buyers are prepared to spend, there is a lack of inventory in today’s real estate market. With limited choices, these homebuyers have no choice but to settle for one that doesn’t fit their personal style right off the bat.

The good news is, an existing home can be transformed into something that reflects their aesthetic sense or address their needs. This is possible with the help of home improvement specialists like Valley Home Improvement, Inc. A good place to start is a bathroom renovation, and with that in mind, below are some luxurious Northampton bathroom design ideas for the happily singles.

Lights On! Importance of Illumination in Northampton Home Improvement

A room’s illumination, however, should be in line with the room’s function, and Decarlo recommends an overhead chandelier for dining rooms, a combination of table lamps and floor lamps on the living room. Lighting the bathroom is completely based on your preference, whether a bright light akin to a medical room is preferred, or a dimmer, candlelight-like luminance for a relaxing hot bath.

Functionality must also be considered, especially in re-designing your kid’s room. Lighting plays an important role in your kid’s ability to do his or her homework. In a kid’s room, it’s preferable to install a flush or semi-flush ceiling fixture to evenly light the room, thus giving proper illumination to the school work your children do every day.

Go Classy or Fancy on your Northampton Bathroom Design Inspiration

When you’re thinking of remodeling a Northampton bathroom, why think small? If you’ve got the money, investing in a grand bathroom remodel is a smart investment. With the right design and execution, you can easily recoup 70% of the money you put into the renovation when it’s time to sell the house.

It’s quite easy to say you’re going for the grand style, but it’s a lot more complicated to decide how to go about your remodeling. There are many sophisticated options, from design aesthetics to materials, and experts in bathroom design in Northampton like Valley Home Improvement can collaborate with you in refining your design goals according to your budget, time frame, and other expectations.