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Consult Northampton Home Improvement Experts About Adding a Sunroom

Sunrooms are essentially living rooms located along the sides of a home, rather than at the center, to let as much of the outdoors in. As such, sunrooms offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. Massachusetts residents can invite their guests over to relax and take in the beauty of the outdoors while keeping out its various nuances, like humidity, heat, and those pesky insect bites at night.

Sunrooms can be added by building one from scratch, or by converting an appropriate existing space, such as a porch or a patio, into one. Those in Northampton and other places in the Bay Stater who are thinking of adding a sunroom to their home may want to consider the pointers given by Jane Blanchard in


Creative Bathroom Design in Northampton: Getting the 5-Star Treatment

Greener with the Scenery

If you’re a nature lover and want to do your share in preserving the environment, consider incorporating eco-friendly and natural materials in your bathroom, such as indoor-friendly foliage and water-efficient toilets. A shower decorated with appropriately finished natural wood, or decorated with stones and pebbles, can give you the feeling of bathing in a rainforest. Not only can such a bathroom provide you a refreshing getaway, it can also help cut down on your water consumption.

Northampton bathrooms do not need to be mundane and merely utilitarian. With a dash of creativity and imagination, they can be turned into a sanctuary of comfort, elegance, and of course, function.

Northampton Home Improvement: Better Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Some interior design experts recommend details that are “hidden” from plain sight, such as plant-on doors, stainless steel hoods, and pull out pantries. These will help keep lines clean, simple, and unbroken, which are trademarks of a modern kitchen.

Johnson further says that it’s also ideal to incorporate your preferred cooking styles in your kitchen’s new design. Experts in Northampton home improvement can guide you through the design process to find out how to best incorporate all your needs and preferences with your preferred style.

Wetrooms Influencing Bathroom Design in Northampton and Elsewhere

Although more common in Europe, wetrooms are finding their way into American homes due to their accessibility and ease of maintenance. They feature an open space where the shower, sink, and toilet aren’t separated by partitions. Existing traditional bathrooms in Northampton homes can be modified by Northampton bathroom remodelers like Valley Home Improvement, and turned into wetrooms.

Bathrooms with Benefits

With no curbs or partitions to hinder mobility, wetrooms are ideal for persons with disabilities, who make up around a fifth of Massachusetts’ population (as of the 2012 CDC Disability and Health Data System). They can get into a wetroom with their mobility aids without needing to overcome a curb or an obstacle.