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Sprucing Up For Spring through Northampton Home Improvement Companies

“Your kitchen is a major focal point for home seekers, and is gradually turning into the center of the home. In general, people value big and beautiful kitchens because it can serve as an informal gathering place where one can cook or even entertain guests during informal get-togethers. In fact, 48% more Americans are willing to pay more for kitchen islands, which provide more room to put out food for the family and allow the kitchen to be more organized.

Furthermore, Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost Vs. Value Report places major kitchen remodeling in 5th place when it comes to recouped costs. Homeowners can get 74.20% of their money back when they undergo the said home improvement project. This spells a great opportunity for homeowners to seek the help of reputable Northampton renovations contractors like Valley Home Improvement Inc. to evaluate their homes and recommend the most appropriate solutions for their projects. They can draw up efficient plans, collaborate with designers,


Understanding What Makes a Beautiful Bathroom Design in Northampton

“Get inspired.
Social media sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr have a lot of resources that share a huge number of images to stimulate your imagination with their designs. Save photos of that specific bathroom style, color scheme and other motifs that you want in your bathroom. Create your own mood board and seek the help of Northampton bathroom design specialists to find out which features will work best with your current home and what the price of your design will be.

Think about your routine.
Before laying out any plans, find out who will use the bathroom. A family bathroom may include a bath, a shower, a vanity and a sink, while a shower and a single basin can suffice for a guest bathroom. Decide the ergonomic properties of your plumbing fixtures, and as well as the unique look and style you want for your bathroom.”